Great Value For Money

Robogran is great value for money. Each and every event is unique, and individual schedules are created to meet every client’s requirements. Robogran is able to make several appearances during a full days hire, although….being a lady of enhanced years…..she does need to retire to “recharge her batteries” through the course of the day.  Best value is when Robogran is accompanied by her carer, as the banter flows even faster than normal as the two leave a trail of chaos behind them at any event they attend. The possibilities  are endless….shopping centre promotions, promotional launches or product marketing, even wedding receptions! Who would not want to see a jilted Robogran at a wedding reception in her “Just Married” married veil, “It should have been me” blaring out….confronting the bridegroom as to why he left her at the altar!

Standard Appearances

From£39900plus delivery
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2

Carer Package

From£59900inc delivery
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2

Full Day Premium Package

From£799inc delivery
  • Feature 1
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A Unique Product

Robogran is totally unique.  The only entertainment offer of her kind in the world.  Hand built, high tech and most certainly one of a kind, she is guaranteed to bring something very, very special to any event or promotion.

“A great product that has given us many a laugh. RoboGran provides great comedy and never fails to turn heads. She’s fully interactive and makes her way around your event engajing with guests. Can fully recommend this service.”

James Wilkins

Book RoboGran Now

Robogran is available to hire for any promotional , corporate or private event appearances.  Book early as she is a busy lady! Robogran  is a high tech, technologically complicated  old lady, and she does sometimes fall ill….so we do ask that potential customers bear this in mind when making bookings.  On occasions, due to technological failure, it may be necessary to cancel or reschedule appearances at short notice.