What Is RoboGran?

Welcome to the website of the one….the only….the totally unique….Robogran!!  Robogran is a stunning robotic, animatronic granny who is guaranteed to cause laughter….and often total  chaos….at any corporate or other event.  Robogran peddles around on her tricycle, and interacts with those with whom she comes into contact. Robogran plays a variety of music and songs which relate to the events she is attending and those she is interacting with.  She also snores…..squirts water….and has a major problem with bottom burps!!!  Robogran is a feisty old lady….sometimes irreverent, but always lovable.  She prefers to attend events with her carer, who acts as a perfect foil for her off the cuff banter.  And just so you know…..Robograns name is…..Gladys. Never, ever forget her name….or there will be trouble!

Guarenteed To Bring Laughter To Any Event

Robogran is available to attend a wide range of corporate or private events.  She is just as much at home going shopping in a town centre shopping centre,  at a corporate event….or at a wedding reception as the jilted bride. She can operate outside….but only on hard surfaces and in dry weather. Wherever she goes….one thing is for sure….there will be laughter….and trouble….ahead!

Why Choose Robogran?

Why choose Robogran?  That’s simple….because she is a unique form of entertainment.  The only one of her kind in the world.  Lovingly created by hand over many hundreds of hours, a real little technological marvel….that everyone, young and old….will love….and never forget!

She’s Full Of Entertaining Surprises

Robogran is fully animatronic.  She peddles her tricycle, moves her head, eyes and mouth, talking and interacting with passers by in a somewhat robotic black country accent! She also plays a variety of music and songs with built in music amplification, shoots water….and even trumps!

Customer Testimonials

We are immensely proud of the amazing reception that RoboGran has recieved at previous events. See some of the outstanding feedback blow.

“An Instant Hit”

“An Absolute Blast”

“Utterly Hilarious”

“Belly Bursting”

“RoboGran provides near endless laughs and a really good cost for anyone who wants to host a unque event. Andy is very professional and provides a fantastic service.”

Charlotte Wilkins

Book RoboGran Now

Robogran is available to hire for any promotional , corporate or private event appearances.  Book early as she is a busy lady! Robogran  is a high tech, technologically complicated  old lady, and she does sometimes fall ill….so we do ask that potential customers bear this in mind when making bookings.  On occasions, due to technological failure, it may be necessary to cancel or reschedule appearances at short notice.